Patricia Rodriguez 
British Columbia

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About Me

  • Mom to a 8 year old boy and 4 cats
  • Married for 10+ years
  • Paper crafts make me happy
  • Speaks English and Spanish
  • Loves homemade food
  • Used to be a fashion designer
  • Pets are family
  • Quality over quantity
  • 40 and loving it
  • Your thoughts create your world
  • Stops to smell the roses
  • More books, less TV
  • Happiness is the simple things
I am seeking opportunities to share my talent with online and manufacturer Design Teams and in publications such as idea books and magazines.
I am a very organized person who can meet all deadlines, and I work extremely well under pressure.
I am comfortable trying new techniques and enjoy the challenge of working with new products or ideas.
I keep up-to-date on the latest trends and products.

Creative Style
My pages are simple & whimsical with a good sense of humour. I love experimentation and usually try any new technique at least once.

Magazine Publications

Scrapbook and Cards Today 
Spooky Neighbour (Fall 2012)

Canadian Scrapbooker
Featured scrapper from British Columbia (questionnaire and bio) (Spring 2012)
Clothes Make the Man (Fall 2016)
Say Cheese (Summer 2016)
Dream Big (Spring 2016)
Acquainted with the Night (Winter 2015/16)
He Loves (Fall 2015)
One Joy (Fall 2015)
July 1st (Summer 2015)
My Cute Angel (Spring 2015)
Giggles & Flurries (Fall 2014)
My Mama Always Said (Summer 2013)
Those Eyes (Spring 2012)
Here Comes Trouble (Spring 2012)
Having a Ball (Spring 2012)
September (Fall 2011)
Cookie Thief (Winter 2010/11)

Scrapbook News and Review
Got Milk? (November 2010)
Mr Smooth (November 2010)

Featured Layouts in Manufacturer's Websites

Jillibean Soup
You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray (September '15)

Nikki Sivils
Halloween Banner (October '11)

Basic Grey
Exploring (November '10)
How-oh (November '10)
Greatest Creation (November '10)
Big Shoes (November '10)
My Cup (July '09)
Let Them Be Little (July '09)
Eight Months Old (July '09)
A Happy Heart (June '09)
Almost 2 - Anniversary Layout (June '09)
Munchkin (May '09)
4 Weeks (May '09)
Backyard Creatures (May '09)
My Sunshine (May '09)

Cosmo Cricket
Always Observant (November '09)

My Mind's Eye
Bed Bug (August '09)

Featured Layouts in Scrapbook Websites

Papercrafting Studio
The Plane! The Plane! (March '15)

Aussie Scrap Source
Eight Months (August '09)


Scenic Route Monthly Product Challenge
Winner of the Free for All challenge (January '09)

Patricia Rodriguez

(last update: July 2016)